Sunday, January 20, 2013

CompTIA Multilevel Manage Create yet again - Promotion

71. An Business Web server 2007 Link Transportation utes erver referred to as ExchHub1 isn't able. You create a new Link Transportation utes erver referred to as ExchHub2 to interchange ExchHub1. Soon after service is reconditioned , you want to recoup all age-mail messages that carry on being within the mail.cual collection on ExchHub1. You carryout the following measures on ExchHub2 . Eliminate all messages within the current t ueue on ExchHub2 .Copy the mail.cual collection while using tricky disk on ExchHub1 to try and do:ecoveryQueue on ExchHub2.You have to whole the recuperation from mail.cual collection from ExchHub1. Which two measures need to you use on ExchHub2? (You'll find proper treatment shows aspect in the option. Pick out two.)A. Applying the Databases Restoration Operations machine, complete a repair from mail.cual collection in H:ecoveryQueue.T. Applying the ISInteg electricity, fix the mail.cual collection in Do:ecoveryQueue.Do. With the Eseutil electric ity, complete a recuperation with the mail.cual collection in Do:ecoveryQueue.N. By using the Eseutil electricity, carry out a restore within the mail.cual collection in Do:ecoveryQueue.At the. With the Eseutil electricity, carryout a defragmentation from the mail.cual collection in Do:ecoveryQueue.Answer: CE

72. Within your Business Web server 2007 ecosystem, an buyers mail box was purged within the mail box web server, as well as a copy to the mail box collection was reconditioned in to a recuperation storage area class. It is worthwhile to recuperate the purged mail box in to a making collection. What might want to you choose to do?A. Manage the Link-Mailbox cmdlet within the Business web server.T. Manage the Recover-Mailbox cmdlet while using Business web server.Do. Manage the Make it possible for-Mailbox cmdlet within the Business web server.N. Manage the Exmerge electricity with the Business web server.Remedy: T

73. You put in a deborah Business Web server 2007 Mailbox utes erver. You need to create a complete collection copy prior to now you area users to the strategy. You practice all databases in the real world to make certain they usually are reliable. You start a copy with the use of the Ms Windows Data backup electricity . The copy without delay isn't able , so you attain one conversation. It's important to complete a large copy while using databases. What can you do?A. Manage the copy within the receive set, because of the VersusBreak:ON change.T. Manage the copy with the receive set, using the VersusFU change.H. Power down the info shop, and system the copy.N. Attach all databases in the web server, and system the copy.Option: D

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