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23. You will be the Deal manager in your service provider. The company community consist of an individual Lively Directory site website that has two website controllers. 1 website regulator also is a global listing web server. The Deal business comes with two Deal Host 2003 laptops referred to as Exch1 and Exch2. All users post to get age-send announcements by utilizing Microsof company Outlook. Prospects who's got letterboxes on Exch2 record they will are unable to amenable their letterboxes. On the other hand, clients who have letterboxes on Exch1 can amenable their letterboxes and supply age-send announcements to every one individuals to the community. You amenable Queue Customer on Exch2. The queue information is revealed from the show. (Click on the Showcase press button.)

It is necessary to make certain persons on Exch2 can post and also be supplied age-send announcements. What in case you do? A. Have a send exchanger (MX) resource apply for Exch2 on the The dynamic naming service location. M. Get started the IMAP4 and POP3 businesses on Exch2. Do. Manage Exch2 make use of the worldwide listing web server for all directory solutions accessibility. Deborah. Position the address shop on Exch2. Response: D

24. You will be the Deal manager on your services. The Change business comes with 5 web servers that run Deal Host 2003. An Deal web server referred to as Public1 features given that consumer folder web server. Public1 has a person,000 letterboxes. Every single within the other 4 Change web servers consist of two,000 letterboxes. Public1 is configured with seven bodily hard disk drives, as confirmed from the future dining room table.

Anyone folder store on Public1 is at this time 20 GB in rating. It could be rising for a tempo of merely one 100 MB weekly. The public ringbinders on Public1 are consistently utilized by all individuals. Most announcements while in the consumer ringbinders aspect enough accessories. Users commonly may wish to analysis for documents while in the community ringbinders. Every last analysis involves over a couple of minutes to complete. Most queries are based upon aimed phrases. Though, queries generally forget to give back all appropriate records. You permit 100 %-written text indexing to the community folder store. You store the catalog data on generate Electronic. Individuals now say that lookup outcome less complicated additional highly accurate, but just about every analysis however includes regarding green little bit. It's essential to make sure that consumer folder queries are finished as fast as you can. It is important to minimizing the effects on web server operation for regular consumer folder and address utilization. What must you decide to do? A. Switch the catalog data in your 100 %-written text catalog to generate Deborah. M. Switch the catalog data in your 100 %-written text catalog to drive a car Farreneheit. G. Switch the paging document to drive a car Electronic. Deborah. Slowly move the deal log data to drive a car Farreneheit. Reply: M

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