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14. You are Trade administrator for a organization. Yourrrre able to send multi-level consists of 1 Dynamic Service forest. The forest consists of several internet domain names branded Domain1, Domain2, and Domain3. The purposeful standard of the internet domain names is Windows 2000 blended. Domain1 comes with one particular Trade 2000 Hosting server personal computer branded Exch1. Domain2 comes with one particular Business 2000 Hosting server laptop branded Exch2. Domain3 possesses only one Business Hosting server all 5.5 product branded Exch3, which flows Windows 2000 Hosting server. Business 2000 Hosting server Effective Service Plug (ADC) is attached with Exch1 and Exch2. You can find a two-way association contract on Exch1. This url contract duplicates improvements affecting Domain1 and Exch3. Additionally there is a two-way romance contract on Exch2. This association agreement duplicates changes about Domain2 and Exch3. You replace ADC on Exch1 to Exchange Hosting server 2003 ADC. The hyperlink contract upgrades and duplicates usually. You then get the association documents on Exch2 stop duplication. You have to promise that each one url documents are duplication appropriately. Just what are two obtainable approaches to produce this assignment? (Every single proper remedy provides a full alternate. Decide on two.) A. Transfer all association documents from Exch2 to Exch1. H. Improve ADC on Exch2 to Exchange Hosting server 2003 ADC. Do. Raise Exch2 in a sector regulator plus a globally listing machine. D. Boost the purposeful degree on Domain3 to Windows 2000 natural. Resolution: An AND H

15. You are Business administrator for your business. The multi-level consists of 1 Lively Service sector. Currently, companywide messaging methods are available by an IMAP4 Mailbox machine. You build a new Trade organization to change the current messaging procedure. Business Hosting server 2003 is to establish on all Business computers. All IMAP4 mail box facts should certainly be transferred to an Trade machine branded Mail1. IMAP4 shoppers have purchaser records in the sector. You hand begin a migration report that databases all IMAP4 buyers. Then you definately execute an one particular-measure migration of your IMAP4 mail box data. The migration completes with problems. The migration overview is revealed while in the exhibit. (Click the Demonstrate option.)You look at the Dynamic Service person is the reason the IMAP4 shoppers have Business letter boxes on Mail1. But, the letter boxes are vacant.

You simply must make sure that all IMAP4 mail box understanding is transferred on your new Trade letter boxes. What will surely have to you need to do? A. Let and start the Trade IMAP4 services on Mail1 and rerun one-measure migration. H. Make an Dynamic Service person bank account who has equivalent purchaser title and pass word considering that the IMAP4 Mailbox administrator. Delegate the Send As authorisation on Mail1 with the new bank account. Make use of the new bank account to go online to Mail1 and rerun one-measure migration. Do. Assemble the Business alias title of each one new Business mail box. Take advantage of this material to replace the migration report and rerun one-measure migration. D. Find the IMAP4 mail box pass word of each one IMAP4 person. Take advantage of this specifics to replace the migration report and rerun one-measure migration. Answer:-)


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