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642 437 exam support. Reboot laptop and run Set up - Promotion

72. You may be the Deal director for the organization. The Change company contains a person machine that runs Deal Server 2003. After a new made up company security coverage is applied regarding the Deal machine, the SMTP digital machine is put together as revealed around the Authorization dialog container within the showcase. (Simply click the Present control key.)

Outside purchasers now report which they won't ship elizabeth-snail mail for ones corporation online-structured. They be given oversight information proclaiming that they don't have authorization to distribute elizabeth-snail mail for the Change machine. What ought to in all probability you do? A. Allow for unknown convenience. W. Allow for widespread authentication. Do. Reconfigure the relay limitations to permit all IP details to relay in to the SMTP digital machine. D. Stipulate the Multi-level team has authorization to distribute information in to the SMTP digital machine. Remedy: A

73. That you are the Deal director in your program. The newly implemented Change business enterprise comprises of someone Deal Server 2003 residence computer system branded Exch1. The company's intranet has no a complete-time Web connection. A need-dial the router links the intranet for the company's Internet. The Internet provides your small business an end user bill and plain-ole IP undertake. The Internet says to line up your company's elizabeth-snail mail on its SMTP machine making sure that Exch1 can access the queued elizabeth-snail mail. You take a look at that Exch1 is not really attaining elizabeth-snail mail within the World-wide-web. It is important to ensure that Exch1 can access elizabeth-snail mail which is rescued using the Internet. What need to you do? A. Change an SMTP connection that delivers the HELO control. W. Change an SMTP connection to in front all confident information in to the ISP's SMTP machine in order to topic an ETRN control. C. Change your SMTP digital machine make use of the ISP's SMTP machine as being a superior coordinator. D. Change your SMTP digital machine to use very similar The dynamic naming service machine that may be utilised by the ISP's SMTP machine for an outside The dynamic naming service machine. Effect: W

74. You might be the Deal director for the company. The Deal customers are discovered about the showcase. (Simply click the Present control key.)Inside the Paris, france , direction-finding team, Mail2 runs Change Server 2003, and Mail3 runs Deal Server 5.5. Mail2 is put together because the bridgehead machine for anyone direction-finding team band with the Paris, france , direction-finding team. Mail3 is put together for the reason that bridgehead machine for the Y.400 connection interior Paris, france , direction-finding team. Letterboxes for anyone Paris, france , persons are on Mail3. Mail2 is power down for fixes. Users who have Mailboxes on Mail1 report that there are an unnatural hold off during the supply of information to Paris, france , readers. You take a look at that information relating to Liverpool individuals and Paris, france , customers are increasingly being given within the computers within the following sequence: Mail 1, Mail4, Mail5, Mail6, and Mail3. You will need to make certain that information are presented as pretty quickly as possible amongst the Liverpool and Paris, france , direction-finding teams. You do not want to customize the normal go of information relating to any one this other websites or direction-finding competitors. What must you do?

A. Boost the price of most web site band to 25. W. Lower the involved price about the direction-finding team connection among Liverpool and Paris, france , to 5. C. Limit the price of the Y.400 connection in regards to the Liverpool and Paris, france , direction-finding competitors to something like 20. D. Change the direction-finding team connection about the Liverpool and Paris, france , direction-finding competitors to feature Mail3 using the directory of bridgehead computers inside Paris, france , direction-finding team. Remedy: P

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