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127. That you are the Change supervisor for Trey Research. The community consists of a single Effective Directory domain name branded The Change organization includes a couple of machines that operate Change Server 2003. Somebody Deal host is set up using the SMTP connection for those World wide web electronic-mailbox. The SMTP connection is set up to use DNS for electronic-mailbox distribution. Your businesses DNS host is named Your online business goes in to a business partnership with Fabrikam, Incorporated. This organization does have its distinctive Exciting Directory domain name, that is branded This businesses DNS host is named Persons review they will not offer On-range electronic-mailbox emails to users at Fabrikam, Incorporated. But, they will transmit World-wide-web electronic-mailbox emails to many other users, and they also can get Internet electronic-mailbox emails from individuals at F abrikam, Incorporated. You make use of the nslookup order to find out the DNS aspect for The result is demonstrated in the show. (Press the Showcase key.)

It really is advantageous to be sure that buyers can transmit World-wide-web electronic-mailbox emails to Fabrikam, Incorporated. Your resolution should not have an effect on other electronic-mailbox distribution. What exactly are two plausible strategies to bring in this objective? (Every good answer provides a complete resolution. Opt for two.) A. Get rid of the area from T. Change the SMTP connection to make use of an SMTP host at as a great web host for electronic-mailbox distribution. Do. Include the Mailbox exchanger (MX) and web host (A) reference point data for in your area on Chemical. Change using a depending forwarder for Change the forwarder report to make use of Ourite. Include the deal with property using the SMTP connection. Answer: Do And a

128. That you are the Change supervisor for that online business. The community consists of a single Exciting Directory domain name. The domain name includes a single domain name game controller branded DC1. The Change business enterprise contains just one Change Server 2003 laptop branded Mail1 that contains all user letterboxes. Your online business opens a whole new division place of work. The latest place of work is belonging to the primary work place by using a VPN hyperlink. The division company includes a domain name game controller branded DC2 and a Change Server 2003 laptop branded Mail2. The VPN interconnection is set up to permit all community guests only around DC2, Mail2, with the simple workplace. The division workplace has all 5 buyers. You add up letterboxes of these people on Mail2. The marketplace review they will accessibility their electronic-mailbox by using Microsoft Outlook on life 2002, but which are not able to present the worldwide Take care of Fi le (Lady). 100 % free also are convinced that Outlook on life can not clear up electronic-mailbox handles whenever they offer electronic-mailbox emails. You may want to ensure the division place of work buyers can achieve these duties. What might you do? A. Change the VPN to permit worldwide list inquiries among the list of division work place community furthermore, the important thing workplace community. T. Change Mail2 to drive a selection of DC1 as being an worldwide list host. C. Change the VPN to permit LDAP site traffic (slot 389) inside the division workplace community for the crucial company community. Chemical. Change Mail2 to obtain a noise TCPFor eachInternet protocol way out of your division workplace community in your most vital workplace community. Cure: A

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