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137. You happen to be Exchange owner in your firm. The system consist of one particular Enthusiastic Directory website site. An individual Industry business enterprise has hosts that run Industry Machine 2003. The site capabilities five hundred Speak with items that signify enterprise readers. The Get hold of items they fit into use by all clients and up to date rarely. The site also capabilities home-empowered individuals. Your enterprise acquires another commercial enterprise. Another businesses system is made from only 1 Enthusiastic Directory website site. Individuals Industry business enterprise involves hosts that run Exchange Machine 2003. Another businesses site consists of 200 Consult with items that symbolize support potential customers and are also up to date rarely. Master of science View will be the only at the-snail mail shopper utilised from the two distributors. Equipped safety insurance coverage suggest that individuals a single site will have to n't have any safety read write inside the other site, like the authorization to study Radiant Directory website details. You will have to help shoppers in both enterprises to deliver at the-snail mail information for your Get hold of items from the two websites. What need to almost certainly you decide to do? A. Manage a two-way rely on romance about the websites. Manage SID filter to make sure that SIDs available as one site can not be used from the other site. W. Use Radiant Directory website Individuals and Computers to trade the Contact items of the many single site. Then utilize an transfer application to transfer the items to another site. D. Manage View in each site to create LDAP issues versus the other businesses site. N. Manage The dynamic naming service in most site to make use of a The dynamic naming service server while using the other site as a forwarder. Treatment: W

138. That you will be the Industry owner for Trey Study. The inside system is linked to the internet by using a Multilevel Undertake Interpretation (NAT) switch. The signed up The dynamic naming service sector titled resides at the outside Web service provider titled performs by using the The dynamic naming service site identify for system solutions. copes with the content inside the sector. The pad from the sector is disclosed while in the present. (Click the Display switch.)

A pc titled Server20 stands out as the only machine in Trey Review that may be out there as a result of internet. Server20 flows Exchange Machine 2003 and is particularly used as the bridgehead server for many SMTP web traffic round the interior system also, the world wide web. About three other Industry hosts host consumer letter boxes. Trey Researching utilizes thirty five experts who work towards website at consumer places. While in the buyer spots, the experts relate with the internet by using an HTTP proxy only. You seek these experts to supply their letter boxes by means of Master of science View World-wide-web Gain access to, and that means you advise those to connect to your URL /swap. The experts review that they can receive an problem information after they try to connect to the URL from the laptop at customer vacation spots. Though, the experts can make use of the URL to fix efficiently to View Internet Admittance when drenched on in a system with the inside sys tem from the Trey Review locale. You can find no other troubles about other online messaging readers one of the inner system as well as the On the internet. It is best to let the experts to admittance their letter boxes from customer locations. What can you do? A. Direct the experts to use the URL /swap every time to merely admittance their letter boxes. W. Direct the experts to use the URL /swap after they may wish to gain access to their letter boxes. D. Manage Course-plotting and Distant Convenience on Server20. Direct the experts to have a VPN romance to Server20 every time what is required supply their letter boxes. N. Manage the HTTP online server on Server20 to engage TCP port 8080. Direct the experts to make use of the URL :8080/swap right after what is required supply their letter boxes. Reaction: A

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