Monday, January 21, 2013

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14. That you'll be the Commerce supervisor on your services. Their circle includes the sole Enthusiastic Listing natrual enviroment. The natrual enviroment has a very few internet domain names called Domain1, Domain2, and Domain3. The beneficial level of the internet domain names is Glass windows 2000 mixed. Domain1 comprises of just one Commerce 2000 Machine personal pc called Exch1. Domain2 comprises of just one Commerce 2000 Machine household personal computer called Exch2. Domain3 has one particular Alternate Machine 5.several laptop or computer called Exch3, which flows Glass windows 2000 Machine. Alternate 2000 Machine Energetic Listing Connection (ADC) would be to establish on Exch1 and Exch2. We have a two-way link arrangement on Exch1. This connection arrangement copies alterations in between Domain1 and Exch3. There may be additionally a two-way network settlement on Exch2. This connection settlement copies modifications between Domain2 and Exch3. You increase AD C on Exch1 to Commerce Machine 2003 ADC. Their bond arrangement changes and copies normally. In which case you recognize how the connection agreements on Exch2 leave burning. That you need to ensure that all connection agreements are burning the proper way. What are two practical methods to accomplish this goal? (You'll find proper cure gifts a whole cure. Pick out two.) A. Transfer all link agreements from Exch2 to Exch1. M. Update ADC on Exch2 to Commerce Machine 2003 ADC. Do. Publicise Exch2 for some site operator along with a major international listing host. Debbie. Lift the sensible amount on Domain3 to Glass windows 2000 local. Effect: An AND M

fifteen. That you'll be the Alternate supervisor on the service. The circle includes the sole Lively Listing site. Now, companywide message professional services are supplied by an IMAP4 postal mail host. You make a fresh new Commerce company to interchange the prevailing message process. Alternate Machine 2003 is that come with all Alternate hosting space. All IMAP4 address know-how will need to certainly be migrated in an Commerce host called Mail1. IMAP4 end users already have individual company accounts with the site. You hand produce a migration submit that directories all IMAP4 people today. After this you do an one particular-step migration with the IMAP4 address info. The migration accomplishes with errors. The migration synopsis is verified on the inside exhibit. (Click the Show key.)You check how the Enthusiastic Listing individual makes up about that IMAP4 consumers have Alternate letter boxes on Mail1. Simultaneously, the letter boxes are unfilled.

You must make selected that each IMAP4 address information and facts are migrated towards the new Commerce letter boxes. What could you do? A. Allow for you should the Commerce IMAP4 company on Mail1 and rerun one-step migration. M. Come up with a dynamic Listing individual accounts that has the identical individual establish and pass word in this IMAP4 postal mail supervisor. Assign the Give As choice on Mail1 in to the new accounts. Take advantage of the new accounts to go online to Mail1 and rerun one-step migration. D. Get the Alternate alias identify of each new Alternate address. Work with this info to upgrade the migration submit and rerun one-step migration. Debbie. Get the IMAP4 address pass word of each IMAP4 individual. Work with this know-how to upgrade the migration submit and rerun one-step migration. Treatment: )

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