Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sohu business send has was crowned the exchange choice for business - Enterprise

Together with the regular interaction and industry collaboration both at home and in foreign countries, the venture e mail does have its benefits for a corporate website, help corporations to determine sophisticated circle photo, is definitely an venture with the Network marketing and propaganda venture image of another necessary approach. To venture e mail with the customer call, can have a strong model marketing and advertising effect, buyers can throughout the Mailbox suffix that venture internet site and also to property your website uncover more venture details. Simultaneously, with neat and tidy venture e mail foreign exchange, may make the venture give having it . range and foreign emotion, thus more advertise venture photo and allow the customer raise believe in.

Sohu functional benefits

Contact site venture of third party management: 1, third party split and raise and reduce the sheer numbers of Mailbox. 2, liberty team, tremendous target book perform, totally free Mailbox Logo design, sign on window arranged into your venture internet site. 3, World wide web use effortless, besides sign on Email to enter into Mailbox exterior, but will also to provide the venture internet site sign on set program.

Excellent capacity: one end user capacity is 5 G, common annex distribute maximum of 100 M, and through the larger gadgets perform 3 G distribute parts to help in your files, images, along with the movie's transfer. (now give large disc storage space)

Worldwide very clear: sohu corporations Mailbox on residential and abroad have several specialist hosting server, both at home and in foreign countries to deliver and receive At the-mailbox to.

To completely assistance cellular phone e mail: 1, ought to help remind the Mailbox emails perform 2, could be directly throughout the cellular phone e mail. Supports POP3, SMTP, assistance a sizable gadgets send: assistance a variety of consumer software e mail.

Waste filtration system, wellbeing defining, dependable and trusted: 1, the bottom amount of the smart offer At the-mailbox spam page preventive measures 2, the hosting server fast Works by using specialist insert stability gear allowance insert, ensure that the dependable operations, use simultaneously large capacity redundancy disk array to make certain the user details safety About three, lots of services through which private procedure (SSL), and world-wide safety validation assistance internet site, keep away from online hackers in circle indication intercepts the pass word and words, make certain venture of the appropriate details circle indication wellbeing 4, offer boosted safety, fast, dependable operations surroundings, make sure venture end users of data interaction proficiently fulfilled.

Other features: employee management, Mailbox, send, venture circle tracking the (venture bodily interaction software), a mass e mail, an organization, the employment of stats program, Mailbox the page figures.

In sohu Half inchsohu venture e mail foriegn on the world, chang Mailbox commonHalf inch is lifted, indicates the sohu venture e mail tomorrow will be better, this saying is sohu venture e mail the whole operations and preservation company, item study and team of developers for venture e mail market the strength, sohu venture e mail as you have the most effective!

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