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EMC E20-822 Pdf document down load - Instruction

CLARiiON Solutions Qualified Quiz for Safe-keeping Administrators E20-822 Check

Query: 1A shopper flows its essential Oracle setting via a Much needed dietary fibre Direct connection to a CX3-40c. In order to make use of the current iSCSI connections, administration makes a decision to budget for a smallamount of storage to back up various Home windows record hosting space. The consumer ought to make certainthat the Oracle SLA is not really depending the no-essential Home windows record hosting space. Which solution doyou advocate?

A. Use Navisphere Service quality Administrator to put restrictions on purposes hooked up via iSCSIB. Customize the publish aside cache importance for Home windows LUNsC. Use Navisphere Service Taskbar to delegate a greater SLA to the Oracle environmentD. CX3-40c will automatically delegate increased priority to FC connections more than iSCSI

Remedy: A

Query: 2Click the Show key.

The application form using LUN 21 carries out primarily 16 kB IFor eachTo experditions. What will also apply to LUN 21?

A. Read operation would strengthen if understand cache was improved from 250 MB to 500 MBB. The application form carries out primarily understand-alter-publish-understand operationsC. The understand cache struck proportion is earlier mentioned 50PctDeb. The understand IFor eachTo accessibility pattern is largely random

Remedy: P

Query: 3You are a storage director who has been given the job of dimension a database LUN for anExchange 2007 mail box machine. You have been furnished with the examples below facts regardingbasic ability specifications:

First Page of 37450 users200 MB mail box size2.5 MB email sentdayDeleted things maintained for 14 daysDeleted letter boxes maintained for 30 daysYou seemed to be furnished with more information concerning use and maintenanceprocesses:Online maintenance will take three days to completeApproximately your five letter boxes are erased during an common monthContent indexing won't be performedOffline maintenance will probably be performed on the individual LUNWhich estimated LUN dimension will fulfill the outlined specifications yet still support 20Pct yearlygrowth?

A. 145 GBB. 175 GBC. 355 GBD. 455 Gigabite

Remedy: T

Query: 4Click the Show key.

A client is worrying that SAN Replicate sessions from CLARiiON-A to CLARiiON-T takesubstantially beyond from those to CLARiiON-C. All owners have 4 GigabytesFor eachersus HBAs. All Ciscoequipment is bottom computer hardware styles.Which part is causing the matter?

Website 2 of 37A. 9020sB. 9216C. HBAsD. Serves

Remedy: T

Query: 5A new CLARiiON comes to a consumer's web site and a EMC Customer Professional carries out thephysical installing. The storage director is less than a lot of pressure to own number onlineand being made after a few days. The storage director decides on severalWindows and Solaris hosting space for that preliminary production rollout. The storage specifications havebeen decided as well as storage director creates 30 LUNs of numerous measurements centered uponEMC tips.The director works together with the machine company to setup HBAs, bring up to date options, deploy EMCsoftware, and then perform important wires and zoning specifications. Following your hostssuccessfully signup together with the CLARiiON number, the Home windows and Solaris moderators express eachserver has 30 LUNs issued.Just what does the storage director have to achieve to be sure each individual machine has access to theappropriate LUNs?

A. Make the appropriate storage groupsB. Disable Admittance LogixC. Allow Admittance LogixD. Correct a different zones

Remedy: C

Query: 6A shopper has set up an emergency retrieval web site 50 mile after mile (81 kilometers) clear of their production web site.The consumer is using MirrorViewFor eachErsus more than IP together with the Produce Motive Firewood made it possible for. Moreover, theyhave a separate 45 MbFor eachersus brand that has a latency of 2 microsoft. During the tests of your robotic solutionfor problems retrieval, the website owner unintentionally hinders the Produce Motive Firewood. What exactly is thelikely upshot of this mistake if your additional photograph will become cracked?

A. The bone fracture sign will continue to maintain a sign of transformed obstructs.T. The bone fracture sign will continue to regularly have a sign of transformed obstructs.C. The Produce Motive Firewood will cleanse all data of improvements.Deb. The Produce Motive Firewood will hold modify data to the position the place it had been incapable.

Remedy: A

Query: 7Click the Show key.

In line with the display, what went down among 05:21 A.M. and 06:56 A.M.?

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