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EMC E20-822 Test out Concerns - Knowledge - Special Knowledge

CLARiiON Methods Pro Assessment for Hard drive Managers E20-822 Test

Dilemma: 1A buyer works its essential Oracle natural environment through a Nutritional fibre Channel connection to a CX3-40c. In order to leverage the current iSCSI cable connections, supervision decides to allot a smallamount of storage area to compliment several House windows file hosting space. The customer would need to make certainthat the Oracle SLA is not depending the not-essential House windows file hosting space. Which resolution doyou highly recommend?

A. Use Navisphere Quality of Service Director to get limitations on uses attached by way of iSCSIB. Get a new create aside cache value for House windows LUNsC. Use Navisphere Assistance Taskbar to designate an increased SLA towards Oracle environmentD. CX3-40c will on auto-pilot designate increased precedence to FC cable connections more than iSCSI

Answer: A

Dilemma: 2Click the Demonstrate key.

The applying making use of LUN 21 functions largely 16 kilobytes IPerI experditions. What is true of LUN 21?

A. Study performance would increase if understand cache was improved from 250 MB to 500 MBB. The applying functions largely understand-modify-create-understand operationsC. The understand cache click percentage is previously 50PercentDeb. The understand IPerI access routine is essentially random


Dilemma: 3You undoubtedly are a storage area owner who have been tasked with measurement a database LUN for anExchange 2007 mail box machine. You happen to be forwarded to this facts regardingbasic total capacity needs:

The First Page of 37450 users200 MB mail box size2.5 MB snail mail sentdayDeleted goods stored for 14 daysDeleted letter boxes stored for 30 daysYou happen to be forwarded to more information regarding practice and maintenanceprocesses:On-line upkeep normally takes 3 days to completeApproximately five letter boxes are wiped during an typical monthContent indexing will not be performedOffline upkeep might be conducted on a distinct LUNWhich rough LUN dimensions will satisfy the outlined needs but still accommodate 20Percent yearlygrowth?

A. 145 GBB. 175 GBC. 355 GBD. 455 Gigabite

Answer: B

Dilemma: 4Click the Demonstrate key.

A consumer is whining that SAN Copy classes from CLARiiON-A to CLARiiON-B takesubstantially longer than from the crooks to CLARiiON-D. All website hosts have 4 GigabytePerazines HBAs. All Ciscoequipment is base equipment styles.Which element causes the problem?

Web page 2 of 37A. 9020sB. 9216C. HBAsD. Owners

Answer: B

Dilemma: 5A new CLARiiON reaches a consumer's web-site along with an EMC Buyer Electrical engineer functions thephysical installation. The storage area owner is under more pressure than normal to give the number onlineand being produced by the end of a few days. The storage area owner chooses severalWindows and Solaris hosting space for your 1st production rollout. The storage area needs havebeen agreed upon and also the storage area owner generates 30 LUNs of several styles structured uponEMC guidelines.The owner works together with the machine team to set up HBAs, revise configuration settings, install EMCsoftware, and perform vital cabling and zoning needs. Once the hostssuccessfully sign up with all the CLARiiON number, the House windows and Solaris directors condition eachserver has 30 LUNs assigned.Exactly what does the storage area owner need to achieve to ensure each and every machine can access theappropriate LUNs?

A. Build the acceptable storage area groupsB. Eliminate Gain access to LogixC. Permit Gain access to LogixD. Resolve an incorrect areas and specific zones

Answer: D

Dilemma: 6A buyer provides a catastrophe restoration web-site 50 mls (81 kilometer) away from their production web-site.The customer is using MirrorViewPerVertisements more than Ip address with all the Create Purpose Log made possible. Also, theyhave a passionate 45 MegabytesPerazines brand with a latency of two 'microsoft'. Through the screening of your robotic solutionfor problem restoration, an administrator by mistake hinders the Create Purpose Log. What's thelikely upshot of this error in case your extra graphic gets to be cracked?

A. The break record will continue to help keep a record of changed prevents.B. The break record will continue to regularly maintain a record of changed prevents.D. The Create Purpose Log will purge all documents of adjustments.Deb. The Create Purpose Log hold modify documents until exactly where that it was impaired.

Answer: A

Dilemma: 7Click the Demonstrate key.

Depending on the present, what actually happened between 05:21 A.Mirielle. and 06:56 A.Mirielle.?

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