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EMC E20-822 Places - Computer systems - Qualification

CLARiiON Alternatives Pro Audit for Storage Facilitators E20-822 Analyze

Query: 1A purchaser flows its important Oracle ecosystem by way of a Fiber Funnel connection to a CX3-40c. As a way to make use of the existing iSCSI internet connections, administration makes a decision to devote a smallamount of storage space to guide many Home windows data file machines. The consumer should make certainthat the Oracle SLA is just not relying on the non-important Home windows data file machines. Which alternative doyou advise?

A. Use Navisphere Quality of Service Supervisor to put confines on purposes connected by way of iSCSIB. Alter the write apart cache importance for Home windows LUNsC. Use Navisphere Program Taskbar to designate a larger SLA towards the Oracle environmentD. CX3-40c will instantly designate higher concern to FC internet connections above iSCSI

Response: A

Query: 2Click the Demonstrate control key.

The approval making use of LUN 21 executes mostly 16 kB I/A procedures. What is true of LUN 21?

A. Go through efficiency would improve if read through cache was greater from 250 Megabytes to 500 MBB. The approval executes mostly read through-change-write-read through operationsC. The read through cache reach percentage is over 50PctDebbie. The read through I/A gain access to structure is essentially random

Response: D

Query: 3You undoubtedly are a storage space administrator who has been given the job of sizing a data source LUN for anExchange 2007 Mailbox hosting server. You might be given the subsequent details regardingbasic volume needs:

The First Page of 37450 users200 Megabytes Mailbox size2.5 Megabytes mail sentdayDeleted objects held on to for 14 daysDeleted letter boxes held on to for 30 daysYou happen to be given more information regarding practice and maintenanceprocesses:On line repair requires a few days to completeApproximately your five letter boxes are deleted in an regular monthContent listing will never be performedOffline repair will likely be conducted over a different LUNWhich approx . LUN measurements will meet the detailed needs and still support 20Pct yearlygrowth?

A. 145 GBB. 175 GBC. 355 GBD. 455 GB

Response: T

Query: 4Click the Demonstrate control key.

A person is stressing that SAN Content sessions from CLARiiON-A to CLARiiON-T takesubstantially greater than from the theifs to CLARiiON-Chemical. All hosting companies have 4 Gb/vertisements HBAs. All Ciscoequipment is foundation hardware layouts.Which aspect is causing the issue?

Web page 2 of 37A. 9020sB. 9216C. HBAsD. Serves

Response: T

Query: 5A new CLARiiON reaches a customer's web page and a EMC Customer Engineer executes thephysical setting up. The storage space administrator is within more pressure than normal to give the assortment onlineand in production after the week. The storage space administrator selects severalWindows and Solaris machines for any very first creation rollout. The storage space needs havebeen specified and the storage space administrator creates 30 LUNs of several dimensions centered uponEMC suggestions.The administrator in concert with the hosting server workforce to install HBAs, up-date options, install EMCsoftware, then carry out the necessary electrical circuitry and zoning needs. Following the hostssuccessfully enroll with the CLARiiON assortment, the Home windows and Solaris directors point out eachserver has 30 LUNs issued.What does the storage space administrator really need to accomplish to guarantee each individual hosting server has access to theappropriate LUNs?

A. Make the correct storage space groupsB. Eliminate Entry LogixC. Allow Entry LogixD. Deal with the incorrect areas and specific zones

Response: Chemical

Query: 6A purchaser has set up an emergency rehabilitation web page 50 a long way (81 km) faraway from their creation web page.The consumer is employing MirrorView/Ersus above IP with the Publish Intention Firewood made possible. Furthermore, theyhave a passionate 45 Megabytes/vertisements range by using a latency of 2 microsoft windows. In the tests of the robotic solutionfor disaster rehabilitation, an administrator by chance hinders the Publish Intention Firewood. What is thelikely upshot of this mistake if the second photograph turns into broken?

A. The break firewood will keep to keep a firewood of modified blocks.T. The break firewood will keep to continuously maintain a firewood of modified blocks.Chemical. The Publish Intention Firewood will flush all files of alterations.Debbie. The Publish Intention Firewood holds switch files until wherever it turned out differently abled.

Response: A

Query: 7Click the Demonstrate control key.

Based on the display, what went down in between 05:21 A.L. and 06:56 A.L.?

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