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EMC E20-822 Qualifications Examination - Pcs

CLARiiON Solutions Specialist Test for Storage space Managers E20-822 Examine

Question: 1b purchaser runs its crucial Oracle surroundings by way of a Nutritional fibre Funnel connection to a CX3-40c. As a way to control the present iSCSI associations, managing decides to spend a smallamount of storage to assist various Home windows record hosting space. The consumer needs to make certainthat the Oracle SLA isn't suffering from the neo-crucial Home windows record hosting space. Which alternative doyou advise?

A. Use Navisphere Service quality Director setting limitations on uses associated by way of iSCSIB. Customize the generate away storage cache value for Home windows LUNsC. Use Navisphere Support Taskbar to designate an increased SLA towards the Oracle environmentD. CX3-40c will instantly designate greater precedence to FC associations more than iSCSI

Solution: A

Question: 2Click the Showcase press button.

The appliance working with LUN 21 performs mostly 16 kB IPerO operations. What will additionally apply to LUN 21?

A. Study functionality would develop if examine storage cache was elevated from 250 Megabytes to 500 MBB. The appliance performs mostly examine-customize-generate-examine operationsC. The examine storage cache hit relation is previously 50%N. The examine IPerO accessibility pattern is essentially arbitrary

Solution: P

Question: 3You certainly are a storage director who have been given the job of measurement a database LUN for anExchange 2007 mail hosting server. You've been given the following data regardingbasic ability prerequisites:

Page 1 of 37450 users200 Megabytes mail size2.5 Megabytes send sentdayDeleted objects retained for 14 daysDeleted mail boxes retained for 30 daysYou were also given further information relating to consumption and maintenanceprocesses:On the net servicing takes a few days to completeApproximately your five mail boxes are removed in the normal monthContent listing will not be performedOffline servicing is going to be carried out on a distinct LUNWhich approx . LUN dimension will meet the shown prerequisites whilst still being permit 20% yearlygrowth?

A. 145 GBB. 175 GBC. 355 GBD. 455 Gigabite

Solution: T

Question: 4Click the Showcase press button.

A customer is worrying that SAN Copy times from CLARiiON-A to CLARiiON-T takesubstantially beyond from them how to CLARiiON-D. All website hosts have 4 GigabitePerersus HBAs. All Ciscoequipment is platform appliance layouts.Which aspect is bringing about the situation?

Web page 2 of 37A. 9020sB. 9216C. HBAsD. Hosts

Solution: T

Question: 5A new CLARiiON hits a client's internet site with an EMC Client Bring about performs thephysical setting up. The storage director is below a lot of pressure to own selection onlineand being made by the end of the week. The storage director decides severalWindows and Solaris hosting space for your first production rollout. The storage prerequisites havebeen arranged along with the storage director produces 30 LUNs of numerous sizes structured uponEMC suggestions.The director harmonizes with the hosting server group to run HBAs, replace adjustments, mount EMCsoftware, and perform important cables and zoning prerequisites. Following the hostssuccessfully apply for with all the CLARiiON selection, the Home windows and Solaris managers point out eachserver has 30 LUNs designated.What does the storage director should attain to be sure every single hosting server has access to theappropriate LUNs?

A. Make the correct storage groupsB. Turn off Entry LogixC. Help Entry LogixD. Mend a different regions

Solution: D

Question: 6A purchaser provides a tragedy healing internet site 50 kilometers (81 km) from the their production internet site.The consumer might be MirrorViewPerUtes more than Internet protocol with all the Create Motive Wood empowered. Furthermore, theyhave a fanatical 45 MegabytesPerersus set which has a latency of two milliseconds. Throughout the examining on the automated solutionfor tragedy healing, webmaster accidentally hinders the Create Motive Wood. Precisely what is thelikely outcomes of this error in case a additional graphic gets to be fractured?

A. The crack log continue to maintain a log of modified hinders.T. The crack log continue to persistently preserve a log of modified hinders.D. The Create Motive Wood will flush all records of changes.N. The Create Motive Wood hold alter records up to the point where by it had been inept.

Solution: A

Question: 7Click the Showcase press button.

According to the exhibit, how it happened among 05:21 A.T. and 06:56 A.T.?

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