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19. You are Trade manager for Wingtip Gadgets. The circle is made up of a individual Radiant Listing domain name. The filled with meaning volume of the domain name is Windows Hosting server 2003. The Alternate organization features two computers that operate Alternate Hosting server 2003. The computers are known as Exch1 and BH1. All letterboxes is found on Exch1. BH1 is definitely a bridgehead web server and has no letterboxes. BH1 is put together with the SMTP connection for those Wingtip Gadgets Net electronic-mailbox. Wingtip people today should get started to schedule an appointment staff for a separate vendor known as Contoso, Limited. The employees should speak with the help of electronic-mailbox all over home business time. Staff members from Wingtip Gadgets and Contoso, Limited., need to send one another emotions that regular 20 Megabytes bigger. Your business buys another leased brand to Contoso, Limited. Contoso, Limited., uses an UNIX-based electronic-mailbox s oftware. The pertinent section of the circle is put together as uncovered inside adhering to plans.

You create aliases in the entire world-broad take care of record (Lady) in your personnel at Contoso, Limited. You must make sure quick delivery of the emails and emotions from Wingtip Gadgets to Contoso, Limited. You do not need these emotions to delay delivery of other Wingtip Gadgets emails in your Word wide web. What has to you do? A. Change the second SMTP personal web server. Generate a specific SMTP connection utilizing this personal web server. In advance all Mailbox going caused by this connection to Put for manage area about this connection. B. Change a second SMTP personal web server. Prepare a on target SMTP connection that employs this personal web server. Frontward all Mailbox heading as a result of this connection to 10.a single.a hundred.forty five. Put just as one take on area about this connection. C. Let 10.1.over a hundred.forty five because only IP take care of to add in the Wingtip Gadgets SMTP personal web server. Build a committed SMTP connection that makes use of the applicable personal web server. Frontward all Mailbox going as a result of this connection to 10.1.over a hundred.50. Consist of just as one take on place about this connection. D. Change the Wingtip Gadgets SMTP personal web server to in front all wavering readers to 10.1.over a hundred.forty five. Establish a on target SMTP connection that employs the existing personal web server. In advance all Mailbox going by means of this connection to 10.a single.100.forty five. Put just as one take care of spot about this connection. Respond: B

20. You might be the Alternate manager for one's agency. The Alternate organization is made up of 3 computers that run Trade Hosting server 2003. All consumers handiness electronic-mailbox with the help of Milliseconds Perspective. Last season there are 5,000 consumers throughout the service. Previously the prior year, the number of individuals zoomed by 14 %, for its present-day a higher level 5,750. Response here we are at Perspective increased considerably considering the fact that how much individuals greater. Currently, some individuals claim that Perspective demands over quite a few a few minutes to start knowning that every single electronic-mailbox interaction demands an added two a few minutes to start. However, less than 10 % of circle bandwidth is in use. Existing projections indicate which all of the individuals will overcome 25 % inside of 1 yr. Management suggests you even if upgrading the Trade computers may prevent on top of that deterioration in Perspectiv e efficiency. You must collect advice so that you can solution. Which data really should you keep track of? A. utilization of chip, ram, and storage spot on every single Alternate web server B. use of chip and ram on every single international catalog web server C. measurements inside the SMTP line up on every single Trade web server D. collection of emails shipped to readers in and exterior the Alternate organization Response: A

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