Friday, December 14, 2012

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127. There's a chance you're the Alternate administrator for Trey Studying. The multilevel is made up of one Exciting Index domain branded The Commerce small business carries a very few hosts that work Alternate Web server 2003. A single Alternate web server is configured by having an SMTP connector for any world-wide-web at the-postal mail. The SMTP connector is configured take advantage of DNS for at the-postal mail transport. Your firm's DNS web server is recognized as Your organization enters into a company alliance with Fabrikam, Incorporated. Marketing ebay business have their have Exciting Index domain, which is branded This firm's DNS web server is recognized as Individuals survey they will cannot distribute On line at the-postal mail emails to readers at Fabrikam, Incorporated. Even with this, they could ship Goal at the-postal mail emails for some other readers, and they can be presented On the net at the-postal mail emails from buyers at Fabrikam, Incorporated. You utilize the nslookup order to watch the DNS information and facts for The end result is revealed together with the show. (Click the Show key.)

You should be positive that clients can ship Goal at the-postal mail emails to Fabrikam, Incorporated. Your solution shouldn't result other at the-postal mail transport. What exactly are two quite possible techniques for doing that objective? (Just about every precise resolution provides an entire solution. Select two.) A. Get rid of the region from T. Arrange the SMTP connector to work alongside an SMTP web server at just like a intelligent web host for at the-postal mail transport. C. Add some postal mail exchanger (MX) and web host (A) learning resource documents for for the region on Chemical. Arrange with a depending forwarder for Arrange the forwarder survey to work alongside Ourite. Add some take on living space for the SMTP connector. Answer: Do As well as a

128. You are the Commerce administrator for a commercial enterprise. The multilevel is manufactured out of an individual Exciting Index domain. The domain is made up of an individual domain regulator branded DC1. The Alternate small business is made up of a person Commerce Web server 2003 home pc branded Mail1 that hosting companies all customer Mailboxes. Your small business starts a new department work area. The brand new place of work is connected to the basic principle business office through a VPN network. The department work area posesses a domain regulator branded DC2 as well as an Alternate Web server 2003 home pc branded Mail2. The VPN marriage is configured to allow for all multilevel web traffic only regarding DC2, Mail2, and as well main work area. The department work area includes five men and women. You assemble Mailboxes of these clients on Mail2. A persons survey that they can convenien ce their at the-postal mail by making use of Microsof company Perspective 2002, but they cannot display the global Deal with Checklist (Girl). The people also are convinced that Perspective can't fix at the-postal mail handles when they ship at the-postal mail emails. You must guarantee that the department place of work users can finish these responsibilities. What might you do? A. Arrange the VPN to allow for overseas directory concerns between your department work area multilevel combined with the major work area multilevel. T. Arrange Mail2 to pressure the selection of DC1 just like an global directory web server. Do. Arrange the VPN to allow LDAP potential clients (slot 389) together with the department work area multilevel into the crucial business office multilevel. Chemical. Arrange Mail2 undertake a interferance TCPPerIP course through the department place of work multilevel towards the main work area multilevel. Resolution: A


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