Tuesday, December 25, 2012

642 373 enable. Reboot your computer laptop and run Setup - Marketing and advertising

34. That you are the Trade owner in the business. Trade Web server 2003 operates on a Microsoft Windows Web server 2003 associate server. The Return server has a person mail box retail store and another unique general public folder save. A absolutely free computer bedroom alert patience is designed for the Return server. All the same, in the event the volume of 100 % free computer house is under the verge, the advantage workplace mail box isn't getting an at the-mailbox alert. You desire be sure that the enable workplace is informed in the event the server's free of charge computer bedroom is beneath the desired patience. What will need to you do? A. Set up an at the-mailbox alert to arise when no charge computer area is with the alert condition. N. Set up the server's mail box administration plan to mail synopsis accounts into your aid workplace. G. Set up the strengthen desk's at the-mailbox tackle to be the non-transport document (NDR) deal with around the SMTP electron ic server. Debbie. Set up the alert sales message durations around the mail box save and therefore the public folder keep make use of a customized agenda which allows alert twenty four hours on a regular basis, 1 week a week. Answer: A

35. You are the Trade owner in your company. Return Web server 2003 operates on two Microsoft Windows Web server 2003 desktops. Almost every Trade server offers a person mail box retail store. Made business insurance suggests which a duplicate of each and every at the-mailbox communicating that's directed and purchased by all consumer within the audit office environment have to be stashed for five a long time. You might want to make certain merely the audit division at the-mailbox fulfills this prerequisite. Which two actions should you use? (Every last suitable reply offers element of this remedy. Select two.) A. Set up the audit department's mail box store to database all at the-mailbox mail messages. N. Make one more mail box hold and transfer all audit division mail boxes to that mail box retail store. G. Build a individual insurance that is able to Mailbox storage for anyone people whilst in the audit team. Debbie. Create a individu al policy that is able to the audit department's mail box save and would not remove the users' Inbox folder or Delivered Points folder for 5 years. Respond to: An AND N

36. You are the Return owner for your personal internet business. The network at present is comprised of the 2-node Trade Web server 2003 energeticAndinactive cluster. more than two hundred HTTP customer pc's get together for the Trade servers by making use of SSL. Clients advise that the response amount of their Microsoft windows Outlook Web Admittance display screen refreshes is unacceptably slower. You bring two considerably more servers towards the energetic Trade natural environment. You have got to ensure that your HTTP client desktops have redundancy and suitable client result instances. Which two measures need to you carry out? (Every last correct remedy gifts part within the solution. Look at two.) A. Be part of the latest servers for the found cluster. N. Decide on the possibility to alter the modern servers as the front-ending servers. G. Set up the modern servers so they really use Community Fill Balancing. Debbie. Create an Trade Procedure Worker cluster perso nal reference for each the front-ending server within the current cluster. Alternative: N AND G

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