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131. You're multilevel director for your business. The company functions a most important office environment along with a distinct division business office. The multilevel is manufactured out of anyone Dynamic Directory website domain. The Two Main workplaces are associated by the devoted frame-exchange line. Almost any business office is known for a distinct domain regulator. Just about every domain regulator goes the DNS Host business and owners a lively Directory website-included region. In every office, all personal computers are put together utilize town DNS machine for DNS determine quality. Just about every office features a single Change Host 2003 family computer, which owners all client letter boxes for the office environment. The domain regulator as well as the Change machine over the main office are referred to as DC1 and Exch1, correspondingly. The domain regulator and therefore the Deal machine round the division office environment are referred to as DC2 and E xch2, correspondingly. Mon a . m ., customers through the division office record they can't hook up to Exch2. You discover that no Deal companies begins on Exch2. In case you reboot your computer Exch2, nokia's crash to start with. You understand more about the frame-exchange line round the 2 workplaces is due to scenario of malfunction. Immediately after reestablishing the frame-exchange line, you reboot your computer Exch2. All Deal answers get started properly. You ought to make certain setbacks through the frame-exchange line will not prevent either Deal machine from starting off in most cases. What really should probably you do? A. Set up Exch2 to have a interferance road to DC2. W. Set up Exch2 to power a selection of DC1 like a globe-broad brochure machine. Chemical. Alter the Lively Directory website setting to ensure that DC2 is usually a globe-broad brochure machine. Chemical. Get rid of all productive Lively Directory website interconnection physical objects, and personally create a refreshing url subject somewhere between DC1 and DC2. Result: Chemical

132. You will be the Deal director for your personal company. The multilevel comprises a single Dynamic Directory website domain. The domain has 4 domain game controllers referred to as DC1 due to DC4. DC1 retains all performs knowledge roles which is the only one worldwide brochure machine. The multilevel also includes of some Change Host 2003 personal computers, which manage Microsoft Windows Host 2003. The Deal machines jointly supply nine,000 client letter boxes. Your small business develops yet another bureau and migrates 7,5 hundred new consumers as part of your domain. Up to date people task in a very split division office that comprises two new domain game controllers. The division work environment is linked with your firm's big work environment by the T1 line. The latest domain game controllers commonly are not put together as global brochure machines, and in addition they you should not sponsor any performs knowledge roles. You distribute the letter boxes on your new consumers uniformly through the a couple of productive Change machines. All buyers now claim that age-send accessibility is exceedingly lethargic. Customers from the division business office claim that age-send is frequently so continuous that it may be not used. All of us claim that cope with ebook quality is exceedingly lethargic knowning that frequently it does not work out. You should be sure that each one people have receptive age-send business. Which two actions will need to you do? (Every perfect treatment method reveals part on the treatment. Determine two.) A. Set up an extra domain regulator in most office as a possible overseas brochure machine. W. Set up an individual domain regulator within the division work environment to host the PDC emulator situation. Chemical. Mount two new Deal machines round the division office environment. Transfer all letter boxes for division work environment buyers to the new Deal machines. Chemical. Put in place an added domain regulator over the division office environment. Set up the modern domain regulator for just a DNS machine. Set up all shopper computers within the division business office to utilize the latest domain regulator for DNS subject quality. At the. Set up a additional Deal machine inside of greatest office. Transfer all letter boxes for division office environment people to the new machine. Disarm POP3, HTTP, and IMAP accessibility to new machine. Result: Chemical Together with a


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