Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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131. There's a chance you're the community owner with your business. The business works a fundamental place of work and 1 division workplace. The community consists of a single Enthusiastic Index area. Both The workplaces refer using a devoted shape-relay collection. Each workplace consists of 1 area operator. Each and every area operator works the DNS Hosting server support and serves a lively Index-integrated zone. In every office, all computers are configured to work with the neighborhood DNS web server for DNS identify decision. Each and every office offers 1 Business Hosting server 2003 portable computers, which serves all particular person Mailboxes with the place of work. The area operator plus the Trade web server while using predominant workplace are known as DC1 and Exch1, correspondingly. The area operator aside from the Business web server inside division place of work are known as DC2 and Exch2, correspondingly. Monday morni ng hours, consumers inside of division office report that they can are not able to hook up with Exch2. You discover no Trade remedies will commence on Exch2. As you reactivate Exch2, the expert services are unsuccessful to start out. You will find the shape-relay collection between both the workplaces is in a really condition of failure. When restoring the shape-relay collection, you reactivate Exch2. All Business providers get started carefully. You'll be getting to be certain that problems inside of shape-relay collection would not end perhaps Business web server from starting normally. What should you decide to do? A. Alter Exch2 to get a static option to DC2. W. Alter Exch2 to stress picking a DC1 as a globe list web server. Do. Change the Lively Index settings ensuring that DC2 may be a globe list web server. Deborah. Get rid away all active Active Index interconnection products, and hand create a whole new url concept concerning DC1 and DC2. Option: Do

132. You happen to be the Trade owner for the small enterprise. The community consists of just one Enthusiastic Index area. The area incorporates 4 area remote controls known as DC1 as a consequence of DC4. DC1 will keep all features discover roles and it is the sole globe list web server. The community also created several Trade Hosting server 2003 computers, which perform Windows Hosting server 2003. The Business hosts together have all ten,000 purchaser Mailboxes. Your enterprise gets yet another agency and migrates 7,500 new consumers with your area. The most up-to-date people today employment in a really individual division workplace that comprises of two new area remote controls. The division place of work is associated with your corporation's most significant place of work using a T1 collection. The newest area remote controls ordinarily are not configured as throughout the world list hosts, and they also you shouldn't variety any features grasp roles. You disperse the Mailboxes to your new people today equally through the 3 dynamic Trade hosts. All consumers now claim that elizabeth-snail mail obtain is extremely steady. Consumers inside division business office claim that elizabeth-snail mail is usually so steady it can easily be useless. All people claim that cope with booklet decision is extremely gradual and that often times it falls flat. You might need to make certain that everybody many people have reactive elizabeth-snail mail company. Which two techniques might you comprehensive? (Each and every correct cure reveals part on the cure. Decide two.) A. Alter a further area operator in almost any workplace as being a world wide list web server. W. Alter just one area operator inside division place of work to host the PDC emulator objective. G. Install two new Business hosts round the division office. Go all Mailboxes for di vision place of work consumers for the new Business hosts. Deborah. Put in place another area operator throughout the division office. Alter the brand new area operator for any DNS web server. Alter all buyer desktops inside division business office to cooperate with the most up-to-date area operator for DNS concept decision. Age. Set up a further Business web server inside of principal workplace. Go all Mailboxes for division office people today on the new web server. Disarm POP3, HTTP, and IMAP obtain around the new web server. Treatment method: G Plus a

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