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66. You happen to be the Business director in your services. The network consists of two Business Web server 2003 laptops named Mail1 and Mail2. Mail1 consist of all customer mail boxes. Mail2 is constructed as a top-conclude web server plus its use for those Microsoft Outlook on life World wide web Gain access to customer connections together with the Website. Created provider security insurance plan says that each one online messaging buyers from the web needs to be secured, like website traffic somewhere in Mail1 and Mail2. You set up Mail2 to requirement HTTPS for those connections to Outlook on life Web page Accessibility. During the time you test network customers, you are aware of that site visitors relating to Mail1 and Mail2 seriously isn't secured. You would like make sure that all Outlook on life World wide web Entry customer site visitors somewhere in Mail1 and Mail2 is secured. What should certainly you are doing? A. Manage Mail2 to receive Kerberos certificat ion only. B. Manage Mail1 and Mail2 to cooperate with IPSec for those connections somewhere in them. Do. Manage Mail2 to want IPSec for those connections to Outlook on life Site Gain access to. Chemical. Manage Mail1 to have HTTPS for those connections to Outlook on life Online Gain access to. Response: B

67. That you'll be the Exchange director for your company. The network has two Exchange Web server 2003 laptops named Mail1 and Mail2. Either computers function Ms Windows 2000 Web server. Mail1 performs for the reason that home web server for those buyers. It's not available with the On the net. Mail2 is constructed for just a top-conclude web server as well as being utilised only once customers really need to connect with their mail boxes with the use of HTTP and IMAP4. You would like to eliminate all expertise on Mail2 which are not mandatory for your web server to be effective included in the specified performance. Which services or expertise would be advisable to you eliminate? (Pick everything make use of.) A. IIS Administration Company B. World Big Site Posting Business Chemical. Microsoft Exchange Details Retail outlet Chemical. Microsoft Exchange Submit Place of work Process product 3 (POP3) Ourite. Microsoft Business Sales message Exchange Broker (MTA) Lots F. Mi crosoft Business On the net Interaction Gain access to Process, Product 4 (IMAP4) Reaction: Chemical AND Chemical AND Ourite

68. There's a chance you're the Exchange director in your services. The Seattle company has 6-8 computers running Exchange Web server 2003. The Osaka workplace has 4 computers running Exchange Web server 2003. The computers are all inside of of a single nav party. The WAN director testimonials a substantial amount of e-send site visitors for your network weblink throughout the Seattle and Osaka locations. Absolutely free themes is interfering with extremely important line-of-small business database blog that will function during industry time. The database computers are in the Seattle workplace, numerous for your clients are together with the Osaka business office. The massive amount of WAN buyers is a result of e-send information which may have immense devices. You must make sure that huge e-send information are presented close to locations only once or twice organisation a long time. What will you are doing? A. Outline global proportions restricts for inward and outward bound information. B. Outline conversation dimensions limitations on all SMTP online computers in just as locations. Do. Create a nav party that involves the Business computers inside Osaka business office. Identify an SMTP connector to plug the Osaka and Seattle nav teams that agendas the ETRN association time. Chemical. Create a nav party that has the Exchange computers inside of Osaka company. Design and style a nav party connector one of the nav teams inside Osaka and Seattle locations that makes use of a specified shipping time for outsized information. Reaction: D

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