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66. That you'll be the Business supervisor with the organisation. The circle includes two Business Server 2003 computer systems referred to as Mail1 and Mail2. Mail1 includes all shopper mailboxes. Mail2 is configured as being a entrance-finish host and it's went for all Microsof company Take on life Internet Access client contacts from your Web. Authored company wellbeing insurance policy says that most text messaging webpage sights from the Word wide web must be secured, for example targeted traffic regarding Mail1 and Mail2. You alter Mail2 to require HTTPS for all those contacts to Take on life Internet Accessibility. Just like you check circle site traffic, you find the webpage targeted traffic affecting Mail1 and Mail2 is not really secured. It's rewarding to make sure that all Take on life Net Accessibility client prospects regarding Mail1 and Mail2 is secured. What really need to you choose to do? A. Configure Mail2 to simply accept Kerberos verification only. H. C onfigure Mail1 and Mail2 to apply IPSec for all those contacts regarding them. Do. Configure Mail2 to require IPSec for all those contacts to Take on life Web-site Accessibility. N. Configure Mail1 to need HTTPS for all those contacts to Take on life Earth-large-net Accessibility. Remedy: H

67. You might be the Business supervisor for your personal business enterprise. The circle consist of two Alternate Server 2003 computer systems referred to as Mail1 and Mail2. Together web servers function Ms Windows 2000 Server. Mail1 capabilities as being the mailbox host for all those users. It is not available from your On-collection. Mail2 is configured as a entrance-finish host especially utilised only if consumers really should connect to their mailboxes with the use of HTTP and IMAP4. You might want to disable all suppliers on Mail2 that aren't expected in your host to operate in the specified functionality. Recognise the business or suppliers should you disable? (Opt for that utilize.) A. IIS Administrator Service H. Natural environment Substantial Web-site Publishing Business C. Microsof company Alternate Replies Retail outlet N. Microsof company Alternate Post Business office Diet design 3 (POP3) At the. Microsof company Business Information Switch Realtor (MTA ) Lots F. Microsof company Business The online world Transmission Accessibility Diet, Unit 4 (IMAP4) Reaction: C AND N AND At the

68. You are the Alternate supervisor with the organisation. The Tokyo work place has 6-8 web servers operating Alternate Server 2003. The Osaka business office has 4 web servers operating Alternate Server 2003. The web servers are all within the solo redirecting collection. The WAN supervisor reviews a substantial amount ourite-send prospects with the circle link anywhere between the Tokyo and Osaka practices. The webpage sights is disturbing very important collection-of-business enterprise data source applications that need to function all through the business sector working hours. The data source web servers are around the Tokyo work place, but tons of inside the users are on the inside Osaka work area. The large number of WAN prospective customers is a result of ourite-send messages which have large attachments. That you must ensure that immense ourite-send messages are delivered anywhere between practices only if business working hours. What should really you choose to do? A. Describe global dimension restricts for incoming and confident messages. H. Describe connection measurements boundaries on all SMTP virtual web servers both in every bit as practices. Do. Generate a redirecting collection that includes the Alternate web servers inside the Osaka work area. Make an SMTP plug to get in touch the Osaka and Tokyo redirecting competitors that schedules the ETRN link time. N. Produce a redirecting collection that consist of the Alternate web servers throughout the Osaka company. Create a redirecting collection plug concerning the redirecting competitors inside the Osaka and Tokyo practices which utilizes a nominated shipping and delivery time for outsized messages. Remedy:-p

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