Saturday, November 24, 2012

650-369 item - Promoting

103. You could be the Industry owner with your corporation. The multi-level features just one Dynamic Directory website website. A host titled Exch1 extends Alternate Machine 2003 and hosts all individual mail boxes. Exch1 also communicates and will get SMTP e-postal mail information to and the The web. Exch1 is safe by way of strategy that attaches the intranet anywhere in the planet-extensive-internet. People document they receive a great deal of unwanted e-postal mail information every single day. You realize that every customers receive identical unwanted e-postal mail information, that happen to be deliver to some universal submission team throughout the website. You may have to be certain that submission teams can't come to terms with give e-postal mail information while using On line to service provider buyers. Your quality probably should not effect the potency of corporation customers to produce and obtain traditional e-postal mail information. What should you do? A. Convert the universal submission groups to universal balance groups. M. Set up the submission groups to make sure that information merely identified from authenticated folks. Do. Set up Exch1 to reject inbound SMTP traffic from additional Ip address deals with. Chemical. Set up Exch1 to produce and also be granted SMTP people to and thru the strategy. Set up the strategy to change post the SMTP slot on Exch1. Answer: M

104. You might be Alternate owner for ones company. The multi-level comprises of an intranet stage in addition to a border multi-level. A host titled ISA1 extends Ms The web Protection and Acceleration and speed (ISA) Machine and attaches the border multi-level for the world wide web. The multi-level is made up of two hosting space titled Exch1 and Mail1. Every hosting space operate Industry Machine 2003. Exch1 is from the border multi-level and is particularly configured becoming a front-conclude host. Exch1 also hosts Ms View Net Admittance. Mail1 is attached to the intranet and is particularly configured as a backside-conclude host. Mail1 hosts all buyer mail boxes. The strategy between intranet on top of that, the border multi-level is configured to let RPC marketing and sales communications around Mail1 and Exch1. An enterprise examiner discovers that secret e-postal mail information are frequently intercepted when out of the way folks get connected to View Internet C onvenience on Exch1. That you should guarantee that everyone View World-wide-web Convenience marketing and sales communications in the Online world are protected. Your remedy must need the small degree of encrypted sheild-associated processing on Exch1. What will you do? A. Set up ISA1 allowing HTTPS customers between internet and Exch1. Tell workforce to plug to Exch1 with the use of HTTPS not like HTTP. M. Set up ISA1 to change proxy View Net Access from Exch1. Set up Exch1 and ISA1 to implement IPSec encrypted sheild whenever they communicate. C. Put in a host encrypted sheild certificate on ISA1. Set up ISA1 to change proxy View On the web Convenience from Exch1 and also to entail SSL encrypted sheild. Set up ISA1 to email unencrypted information to Exch1. Tell visitors to affix to Exch1 by means of HTTPS instead of HTTP. Chemical. Generate a host encrypted sheild certificate on Exch1. Set up ISA1 to begin inside the HTTPS slot for inbound web site sights while using Net to Exch1, and also to make it easy for outbound HTTPS responds from Exch1 while using The web. Set up the View On the web Convenience exclusive World-wide-web host to need SSL encrypted sheild for anyone contacts. Answer: C


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