Tuesday, October 30, 2012

650-296 audit for the - Promotion

41. You most likely are the Exchange supervisor for the business. The Buy and sell group recently one particular Buy and sell Host 2003 family computer known as Exch1. Exch1 has only one storage area collection which has two Mailbox suppliers. Occasionally, any person erases an email and later on on hopes the content for getting restored. The penned professional coverage allows end users to recover removed messages for 30 days soon after these are purely removed. Exch1 playing right into a Storage District System the best place the Mailbox retailer directories and financial transaction record facts are located. Presently, 80 GB of drive living space exists to Buy and sell within the Facility System. You need to ensure that clients can recover removed messages in accordance with enterprise demands. You ought to crank out this objective by utilizing the marginal variety of admin rassemblement. What will you do? A. Make an each and every day darkness backup in this Mailbox shop directories. M. Do step-by-step backups in this Mailbox go shopping directories Mon by Weekend. Participate in a comprehensive back up of the Mailbox go shopping directories Wednesday nightime. Position the lots of Mailbox retailer data source backups around the Storage Position System. Do. Develop a Mailbox conserve coverage and pick the choice to keep removed messages for 30 days. Contain each and every Mailbox shop data source to this particular coverage. N. Produce a person coverage and pick 30 days to be the era to procedure removed products for those information dimensions for those end users. Answer: G

42. You're the Buy and sell supervisor on your service provider. The circle has a one Buy and sell Host 2003 pc. The Exchange remote computer consists one particular storage area collection as well as a one Mailbox conserve. Whole backups while in the Mailbox continue to keep and financial transaction record files are performed each individual nightime. Resulting from the mailbox continue to keep is restored from mp3, men and women advise that quite a few their elizabeth-send messages are not restored. You find out how the storage area collection is constructed as demonstrated in the present. (Choose the Exhibit press button.)

It's essential make sure that once you restore the mailbox continue to keep, people have every one of the most present-evening facts. What will surely have to you are doing? A. Nil out removed data source web pages once you obtain a restore functioning. M. Disable spherical signing prior to start a back up. G. Conduct only darkness replicate backups and darkness replicate restore operates. N. Build a mailbox go shopping coverage. Select the alternative to keep removed messages for 1 month. Have the mailbox retailer to this particular coverage. Treatment method: M

forty five three. You will be the Exchange supervisor for your own operation. The group owners Exchange elizabeth-send for other companies. The assistance amount arrangement (SLA) for the client known as Trey Research states that failed Buy and sell mailbox retailers has to be from the internet once again a single time or a smaller amount. The SLA also states that each one elizabeth-send expertise need to be stored for 1 certain calendar year. Trey Investigation employs two mailbox stores known as MBX01 and MBX02. Every bit as mailbox vendors live around the Storage Area System. MBX01 is 25 GB in statistic and MBX02 is 22 GB in statistic. There exists 153 GB near drive space around the Storage Area System for Trey Exploration data. One can possibly save or restore Trey Analyze send at a cost of a dozen GB per hour. You have to just be sure you satisfies the SLA wants for the Trey Check out mailbox retailers. What can you do? A. Any nightime, conduct full backups to mp3 and save them. Then finish a darkness replicate back up around the Storage Area System. M. Complete comprehensive backups to mp3 on Weekend nightime and save them. Conduct differential backups to mp3 all Wednesday as a result of Exclusive night. Do. Do 100 % backups to mp3 on Weekend nightime and save them. Complete step-by-step backups to mp3 each and every Wednesday thru Exclusive nightime. N. Let circle signing for this Buy and sell storage area teams. Each nightime, implement darkness replicate backups while using the Storage Area System and replicate the shadow replicate backups to mp3. Database the videos. Treatment method: A


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